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5 Golden Tips To Write a Good Resume

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A good resume indicates how you might perform in that desired future job position. The content of your resume is not just about you and about your past jobs, or how you performed.

It is advisable to emphasize more on your accomplishments gained in your past jobs that are most relevant to the job you are applying for. The best way is to remove the responsibilities included and replace them with job accomplishments. 

After five thousand cv reviews and research conducted, using a tool called we discover some key findings on how to write a good resume, here are the five golden tips.

  1. For resumes with a LinkedIn profile see higher interviews rates (Only 48% of resumes included a LinkedIn profile link)

Note: According to: “job applicants who included a link to a comprehensive LinkedIn profile on their resumes received a callback rate of 13.5%, which is 71% higher than the 7.9% callback rate of job applicants who didn’t have a LinkedIn profile at all.

  1.  Candidates only included 51% of important keywords and skills, heavily under- indexing on soft skills

Having relevant keywords and skills on your resumes is important for two reasons:

First, applicate tracking systems use specific keywords, skills, and experience to filter ( and in some cases score/rank) resumes. Second, when recruiters and hiring managers review resumes they are looking for specific skills and experience to help qualify candidates and compare them to the rest of the pool.

If a candidate doesn’t include the right keywords on their resume, their chances of landing an interview decrease significantly- especially if they are using online applications as their primary method for chasing new opportunities.

  1.  Mensurable metrics improve resume outcome but only 26% of resumes included five or more metrics

An article written by google recruiters specifically recommends a framework called the “XYZ formula” for resume bullets that focuses on including measurable outcomes.

According to the data showing above, only 26% of resumes included five or more instances of measurable metrics.36% of resumes didn’t include a single measurable metric.

If you want to stand out from the competition, focus on quantifying your results and including metrics in your resume.

  1.  Research shows that the ideal resume length is 475-600 words. 77% of resumes fall outside of that range.

According to Talentworks, research shows that, in most cases, resumes clocking in under 475 words or greater than 600 words saw significant decreases in ineffectiveness.

Resumes that in the “sweet spot” of 475-600 words saw double the interviews of those that were outside of those ranges.

Note: Unless you’re a C-Level exec or a federal employee, keeping your resume in the ballpark of  475- 600 words should boost your interview chances for two reasons. First, the Talentworks data suggests that this range is the sweet spot for what hiring managers and recruiters want to see. Second, 77% of your competition is either under or over-indexing, creating the opportunity to give yourself an advantage. i.e you can use the word count tool in your word processor to track your resume’s word count. (Microsoft Word, Google Docs)

  1. Fluffy content takes away from resumes value but 51% of resumes included buzzwords, cliches, or incorrect pronouns

I get it. As a job seeker, you want to make sure that people understand that you’re a professional – someone to be respected, who adds value. But packing your resumes with buzzwords and jargon achieves that exact opposite. It only serves to muddy the waters and make your value harder to understand.

The graph below shows that 51% of resumes have some sort of buzzword, cliche, or improper use of pronouns.


Our slogan for resumes is that your writing should always be selling your experience, not summarizing it. Concision is at the core of great persuasive writing – the shorter and simpler your sentences, the easier it is to convey your value.

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