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Millennials Attrition in the 21st Century

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The Millennials

Millennials are known as the job-hopping generation. Unlike the steady contentment that older generations displayed with their jobs and career paths, millennia are edgy and dissatisfied with confined conformity. This does not mean that they don’t appreciate rules and the system they put in place… but what is life without a bit of chaos and adventure? This is the view of the professional millennial today. They ask, why should I be satisfied with working in one place for 15 years when I can be so much more, explore my potentials, make mistakes, learn, unlearn and relearn while leveraging on many different platforms?

Therein lies the cause of millennial attrition in the workplace. The inherent edginess peculiar to this generation, the need to explore and discover, to be more than one thing that our parents were, to be global citizens of the world and embrace life on our own terms.


Are the largest generation in the workforce. They are avid readers which makes them well informed and highly knowledgeable. They are also described as not too financially stable because research shows that millennials have less money and assets than older generations did at the same age. They are self-motivated and are very interested in self-improvement, many millennia’s are self-centered and narcissistic in their approach to life but they are charitable and give generously towards causes they believe in.

They are better educated than preceding generations, they are also a much stressed-out generation, they don’t want the regular 9-5 jobs, and they love to travel and are less healthy than generations that preceded them. Millennials are perfectionists and when they find the right jobs, they are very dedicated to their jobs. They love the internet and are big on smartphones as the internet has been described as an extension of their brains.


According to, 59% of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them when applying for a job. 87% of millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important. 19% of millennia say flexibility is their most important workplace benefit. 59% of millennia say flexibility will improve productivity, 49% say it’ll improve their happiness. 49% of millennia support social tools for workplace collaboration. 33% of millennia want collaborative workspaces. 75% of millennials would prefer to work from home or other locations where they feel they could be most productive. However, only 43% currently are allowed to do this and 78% of millennia’s see workplace quality as important when choosing an employer.

Having considered the above

Why is millennial attrition still a challenge for many organizations? Well, one reason could be that many organizations don’t hire for cultural fit. They focus on the skill sets needed without considering if the millennia about to be hired have the personality and personal values for the job. In time, this will lead to frustration and dissatisfaction on both sides leading to high employee attrition. Also, since social responsibility is important to millennia, paying lip service to environmental issues and socially responsible causes is likely to turn the average millennial off.

Embracing technology and avidly including it in the workplace will encourage millennia to stay, ignoring these will make them leave. Collaboration and transparency are also attractive to this edgy generation hence including collaborative efforts and being transparent is another reason to stay. A flexible workplace that embraces change and leverages it for growth is another attractive benefit to millennia’s so is a simple appreciation and respect for their efforts.

The 21st century millennials

So the next time you employ a millennial, please remember that these people are highly talented and have a lot to bring to the table. The trick in making them stay is to manage them well and leverage on shared interest to connect with and engage them.


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