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If you’re new to e-learning, and the term learning management system (LMS), there’s great news as today we are going to give you amazing insight on what Jobrole’s Learning Management System Solution entails and the benefits it offers to you as a/an employer, executive, manager or instructor and your organization as regards to effective enrichment in the Learning and Development department.

Basically, LMS is an online platform or system which is used to create, execute specific learning process through the administration, automation, delivery, tracking, and reporting of educational as well as training programs, for learning and development of employees and personnel.

The LMS concept was derived from E-learning (which is a broad concept that describes educational material delivered online through the use of multimedia devices to drive effective learning) with the first LMS being used in the educational sector before being focused in the corporate world; meaning, all LMS learning is actually e-Learning, but not all e-Learning is done in an LMS.

Learning management systems are designed to identify training and learning gaps by utilizing analytical data to drive reports which can be used to monitor relevant progress trends in employees; as well aid the instructor or employer in providing necessary recommendations on courses and learning materials based on the individual’s skill profile in order to drive more accurate results and overall productivity.

How does it work?

The best way to imagine the learning management system is to think of it as a website where only those people with a profile and log-in will be able to access it. Within this ‘secured’ website, learning, interaction and engagement are achieved through asynchronous communication between instructors and trainees in which, a space where materials can be stored and organized, assessments can be given, and both students and instructors can interact using forums like interfaces and so on.

What is the Primary Function of Jobrole’s LMS?

The primary function of our LMS is simple as it is aimed at facilitating flexible, effective training and reducing costs of training. The duty or rather capacity of our LMS is wide and explicit as it is designed to allow the easy delivery and management of all types of content, including video, courses, and documents which can be converted to required and preferred formats, depending on the organization’s objectives, training strategy, and desired outcomes.

Why do you need the Jobrole LMS?

1.  Centralized learning as multiple users can access various training and contents from the same source.

2.  Reduced cost and time saved

3.  Easy navigation through our simple user interface.

4.  Stream-lined training process which can be updated through our great customization tools.

5.  Organizes and safely stores enormous data

6.  Monitors learner progress and rates performance from how many times a particular student has logged in, to who has completed the work you have set. This ability to track and record data also means things like test results are automatically collated and stored in one location, so they’re easier for you to access and review.

7.  Improves resource allocation i.e. which specific training needs more content/materials based on overall performance evaluations

8.  Provides an interactive environment that personalizes the online training experience through intuitive learning and features that makes learning fun, as it engages and motivates learners improving results.

9.  Easy accessibility anytime, anywhere to both the platform and tutors as there is no restriction on lack of tools to learn, or being able to complete assessments. Etc…

What are the features that are embedded with Jobrole LMS that makes it the best choice?

1.    Data and information security
2.    Ease of use
3.    Easy Integration and incorporation of other systems
4.    Full and easy customization and organization branding tools
5.    Content management
6.    Responsive designs that support mobile learning interface i.e. can be accessed via phones and tablets.
7.    Flexible testing and assessments
8.    Progress tracking and customizable reports based on required specifics etc. For more information on this, check out our feature list here.

At Jobrole Consulting Limited, we understand that human capital requires ongoing investments in L&D to retain its value and finding the right learning management system can be quite tricky and a proper system should be able to conform effectively depending on your establishment’s requirements; function you require the solution to perform and how you hope it will improve the learning experience for your employees.

We also provide Learning and Development services which are structured based on the client’s business.

Contact us today and start getting the best from your employees.

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