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In just a few short months, life as we knew it has completely transformed, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is changing rapidly as the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected all parts of the globe bringing most of it’s economic, financial and business activities to a halt — while the future is still unknown, we’re most likely heading toward a serious global recession as companies have been massively hit negatively by this unforeseen disaster leading to an equivalent response through laying off of their employee workforce leading to an increase in unemployment, temporarily cutting down the payroll of their employees, etc. naming a few.

However, with the slow but seemingly steady recovery of the world, the labor market is beginning to change indefinitely amidst all these corporate reactions to regain normalcy and get back on the track to its development, it’s now more important than ever before to be agile, adept to implementing a more efficient strategy to the worsening economic conditions, and get ready for hiring amidst a recession, making “staff recruitment” a crucial subject for review with the question “How can we get the best talent” to improve productivity whilst retaining for a suitable number of years avoiding excessive dismissal from service and attrition rate.

This is where Jobrole Consulting Limited steps in:

As we stated in the foreword above the economy is taking a hard hit and The World Economic Outlook reported that the world’s economy is predicted to decline by -3%, with the developed economies seeing up to -9%; also according to the International Labour Organization, the COVID-19 pandemic will be responsible for more than 300 million jobs lost worldwide. And that’s not all; it’s estimated that lockdown measures are impacting 2.7 billion workers, or 81% of the global workforce, in one way or another. As the statistics are significantly worse than the 2008-2009 financial crisis that took nearly a decade to recover from, it’s clear that companies need to adapt and evolve—or get left behind and employers should prepare to be inundated with high rates of applicants in the wake of coronavirus in either case.

Fig 1: The economic outlook for 2020 as released by the IMF in April 2020. The above prediction doesn’t look positive, that’s why hiring is changing too.

Why Jobrole Consulting Limited:

Jobrole Consulting Limited is a talent management company that offers innovative talents and business solutions; how?

  • We understand the changes to the job market and understand that COVID-19 impacted companies and industries out there—however with each being affected differently. How have the recent changes to the job market affected the industry you’re most active in? How will it impact your candidate supply when you start hiring in a post-COVID-19 era? These are the solutions we would provide.
  • We anticipate your short- and long-term hiring needs.
  • We would prepare your recruitment tech stack: Recruiting employees without the help of technology is almost unthinkable. With new recruitment solutions popping up almost every day, recruiters and their teams might find themselves feeling lost and overwhelmed when selecting digital solutions and despite the best efforts to select the right tools for their toolbox, many recruiters find themselves armed with solutions that just aren’t “a good fit”. In fact, according to a survey made by Monster Worldwide Incorporations, 64% of recruiters believe they don’t have access to the right digital tools to make the job easier. We believe recruitment technology has never been more essential than it is today from the remote interviewing to applicant tracking etc. there are a number of solutions that can ease the process of hiring in a recession and we understand that there’s no ultimate solution nor a universal recruitment tech stack for all companies, as each has their own unique hiring needs and Jobrole Consulting Limited has you covered by pinpointing and focusing on a few key areas on what organizations need to do to choose the right tools, building a recruitment technology solution that fits your needs, addresses and solves for challenges, and dramatically improves your company’s recruiting efforts in the year ahead.
  • Define what candidate quality is meant for you: Through our Pre-Employment Assessment testing (a subsidiary service under Jobrole Consulting); we believe it’s important to continue prioritizing candidate quality to determine job fit and in this time of budget cuts and cost optimizations, we understand you don’t want to spend money on hiring someone just to lose them because they weren’t a fit, and having to do the recruitment process all over again. The testing helps you determine the ideal candidate just for you based on the requirements stated by our clients, it helps to streamline your proposed applicant niche and automatically reviews it once you get your applicants in before you start receiving applications based on your criteria.
  • Jobrole Consulting Limited also focuses on maintaining a strong employer brand whilst promoting a great cultural diversity: We believe promoting a great employer brand is always a top priority and for a business to continue building a productive, engaged workforce during the economic downturn creating an inclusive and diverse culture within your organization, with proposing how companies can and should treat their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic will likely define their brand positively for decades to come as being present and empathetic is especially critical, both right now and after the world returns to some semblance of normalcy.
  • Building a talent pool and stay in touch with quality candidates: Irrespective whether a candidate is selected or not but has great qualities and meets the set requirements our database system retains such individual and keeps them engaged via relevant communication so once you’re considering hiring again, we make sure your talent pool is the first place to look for the candidates.
  • Protecting the Companies interest: Through our “Know Your Employee” service, before candidates are released either as One-off recruitment or an Outsourced employee to a given client we would submit a detailed report showing all background checks clarifying and asserting all information given by the applicants.

At Jobrole Consulting Limited, our focus is to develop and implement new ideas and strategy for Organizations to continually enhance their business processes and growth with the depth of our expertise being defined by a pool of competent and carefully selected consultants who ensure that we continue to be the firm of choice to our growing list of discerning clientele whilst enforcing our Tech-Enabled Solutions maximizing efficiency and business productivity.

Other Services includes:

  • HR managed services and Outsourcing: We develop a structure to help diagnose, plan, design, deploy, manage and strategically solve our clients’ people management challenges in a way that fundamentally creates value and helps them achieve their overall goals and objectives
  • Learning and Development: We support professional development and build capabilities across businesses because we believe human capital requires ongoing investments in the Learning and Development (L&D) to retain its value in a timely and cost-effective manner. L&D will support your businesses by developing specific learning for your Executive Leaders, Business Unit Leaders, Managers and Team Leaders, Supervisors, Individual Contributors (Field and Corporate), Human Resources and Organizational Development Professionals; Coaches, Trainers and Champions
  • Management Consulting: By helping you answer critical questions in your key business processes, Jobrole Consulting Limited provides key effective approach that will help overhaul your current system and policies in place, analyzing and bridging all necessary gaps.


To find out more, kindly contact us through our website at or send us a mail at

You can also place a call through our phone lines: +2347025001536, (Open 24/7) and +2347025001539 (Open Mon-Fri during work hours)

Best Wishes, Jobrole Consulting Limited.

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