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A man taking a class on learning and development

Employee’s growth and productivity is an essential and integral part of any company’s success and It’s no secret that it has a key concern for organizations. Providing employees with key learning and development opportunities not only builds capable, confident employees, but research shows that the process of learning and development increases the level of engagement amongst employees; and according to ‘Gallup’, an engaged workforce supports overall growth through a series of benefits, such as higher productivity and profitability, lower turnover, and more satisfied customers; besides, concentrating on employee engagement can help companies withstand, and possibly even thrive, in tough economic times.

Learning and Development is a key driver in any organization because:

  • Improves employee retention in the sense that subjecting an employee to a learning program shows such an employee that he/she is valued and when people feel valued, they are less likely to leave the organization and would subsequently grow in their commitment to the company’s goals and vision. To support this claim, according to a report prepared by LinkedIn Workplace Learning (2018), 94 percent of employees said that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career growth & development.
  • Builds a strong leadership portfolio. What do we mean? Learning and development programs and activities such as assigning and exposing individuals to rotational opportunities in leadership roles, conducting soft skills on critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and management, etc. ensures that both the existing and new leaders possess the right knowledge and skills required to lead others thereby improving their leadership competencies.
  • Helps prepare a company for a change. As we all know that change is constant and inevitable for any organization, but having employees who are equipped to effectively navigate ‘through the waters’ increases the likelihood of success during a sudden change; take this Covid-19 pandemic, for example, imagine all your staff had undergone a digital/tech summit on effectively utilizing tech to increase productivity and all are digitally inclined, such an organization (e.g. Netflix) all employees would approach the change with confidence and a positive attitude and the overall activities would never be crippled by such just as organizations were all over the world.
  • Supports better teamwork and collaboration. Just as we said in our opening statement, Learning and development teach individuals how to effectively communicate, resolve disputes, and support one another, improve the level of engagement and increase the likelihood of effective team functioning amongst workers thereby enhancing productivity and overall contributing more effectively to organizational growth.

It’s great when companies try to improve employee engagement, however, if the approach is inadequately executed, the purpose of L&D could be defeated. What do we mean? Measurement is the first step companies must take before they can implement meaningful actions to improve engagement as it shows what area to target before organizing training and with Jobrole Consulting Limited this can be achieved effortlessly through our Learning Management System (LMS).

At Jobrole Consulting Limited, we understand that Human capital requires ongoing investments in L&D to retain its value because when knowledge becomes outdated or forgotten – which is a more rapid occurrence today – the value of human capital declines and needs to be supplemented by new learning and relevant work experiences.

Our Learning Management System (L.M.S) has been carefully structured and designed to uncover the things that really matter to your employees’ engagement and business performance. It’s backed by rigorous science, linking it to every essential performance outcomes, other than that, our experienced L&D consultants will support your business by developing specific learning from the top – bottom of the organization’s organogram so as to provide you and your employees with the right knowledge and skills to be productive members of a team and individuals that can better support the success of the organization at large.

Another great feat attained by Jobrole’s LMS platform is the level of flexibility it provides, our LMS delivers flexible learning management tool that allows you the freedom to manage every form of learning within your organization – be it online, or in the classroom and not only that, it allows you as an employer to easily chart every user’s learning journey based on individual learning curves, view their current progress and also access customized reports.

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